A Brighter World

by Dayglo Dave

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Photograph by Bruce Eyster and David Vigon


A Brighter World

A change of season
A fresh new day
The bell of freedom
Has rung again

I bring you wisdom
I bring you light
I change the future

I have a message
To give to you:
A ray of gold sunshine
Is breaking through.

'Don't need your good book
I don't want TV
I don't need religion
To comfort me.

Oh, and I'm never coming down
Because the love I have is real
It's the highest of all highs

And, it's a feeling you can have
And you've known it all along
There's a love that never dies
if you turn within.

So, even one day I must die
I can sing this little song
That may stand the test of time

All the lies will blow away
With a rainbow and a sigh
The way the sun returns
after the rain

A drop of water
A blade of grass
Life's sweet virtue
Is holding fast

All seals are broken
The seeds are sown
The veils have lifted
The clouds are gone

Rains have fallen
Winds have blown
All hearts awaiting
The rising sun

A promise kept
In precise time
And this resplendence
Is yours and mine

And it will never let you down
It will always bring you peace
A shelter from the storm

It is old and it is new
And it isn't hard to find
'Cause you've had it all along
if you look within.

So, if you ever find the time
If you care before you die
Keep the promise that you made

Every single life
Has dignity and grace.
Won't you take your place
In a brighter world?

by David Vigon / Dayglo Dave ©September, 2012


released 09 May 2013



all rights reserved


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